US bloggers who make an endorsement are required by the US Federal Trade Commission to disclose any material connection they have with the seller of the product or service. As an Australian, I do not face this requirement. However, I choose to supply a disclosure statement voluntarily.

I am an amateur genealogist. Any products or services I mention or review have been mentioned or reviewed purely because they interest me at the time.

Occasionally I have received emails offering discount vouchers for my readers, or a request to mention a particular service. I have not at the date of posting this statement accepted any of these offers, as the products mentioned were not of particular interest to me. If in future I do accept such an offer, I will describe within the relevant post the circumstances in which I am mentioning the product.

I once accepted a small gift of some Trove branded items from the National Library of Australia's Trove team, offered in reaction to an amusing and complimentary comment I made on Twitter. I was surprised to be offered anything but rather chuffed they thought my remark was funny.

Last updated: 20 April 2012

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