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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Twigs of Yore has a brand new look

I started this blog way back in July 2009. My personal family history research site of the same name went live in March of 2011, running on TNG software.

It was always my intention to match the look and feel of the two sites so that they would feel like one. With the arrival of a new version of the TNG software came a new site template that I liked the look of enough to spark off another attempt. It took quite a bit of tweaking of both the blog and the research component – but at last I’m getting close to what I had in mind.

I’m thrilled to unveil the new-look Twigs of Yore sister sites.

This blog…


And the research site…

Screenshot of Twigs of Yore research site

A new software update on the research site also means there are new site features. I’m yet to discover them all myself!