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Friday, March 15, 2019

My Thrulines improved! I doubt it was due to me

It’s true! Five days after messaging corrected information to other people with my Ancestor in their tree, my AncestryDNA Thrulines have improved. I no longer see my carefully researched Ancestor replaced with a ‘Potential Ancestor’ from other trees, who never actually existed.

While the desired result has occurred, I can’t claim that my experiment was anything to do with it. Out of the seventeen messages I sent, just three people responded (with thanks) and said they would update their trees.

Thrulines is a beta feature that is constantly changing. For example I noticed when I logged in today that my ancestors were now grouped by generation (nice!). I’m wondering if maybe Ancestry has listened to user feedback and changed who they choose to display. Either way, I prefer what I am seeing now and a few interested people have better information for their trees, so it’s a win-win.