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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Changes at my family tree site,

This post is for the benefit of visitors to my family tree website,

I am changing the way I manage the site, flowing on from my change in desktop software.

You probably won’t notice any difference, but if you have created bookmarks or saved links to particular individuals they may no longer point to the same person. Aside from a brief disruption as I make the transition, this should be the only negative.

Allowing myself time for the unexpected, I hope to have the first upload from my new software in place by the end of the weekend.

Advantages of these changes for you will be:

Immediately -

  • More information included generally as more of the information from my database transfers in.
  • More deceased people visible eg people born 200 year ago for whom I have no birth or death date, thanks to more accurate setting of living flags.
  • The automatically generated part of the “what’s new” page should show what’s actually new.
  • More frequent updates with more information added on each occasion.

Longer term -

  • Inclusion of information on “Witnesses” to events.
  • Improved source citations (after initial loss of detail in some cases). 
  • Less use of “est” dates. 

Now everyone cross your fingers that all goes to plan!

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