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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It only took me five years

Way back in 2007 I took out a monthly subscription to I searched and downloaded feverishly for a month, then cancelled.

The collection I hit the hardest was the Australian Electoral Rolls. Now almost five years later I have finally made my way through all those pages I downloaded and entered them in my database.

My Family Historian plugin provided the final push I needed to get the job done. It made setting up the source records that little bit easier, so I could get on with concentrating on the information.

Information I have gained by entering the records in my database includes:

  • Middle names I didn’t know before
  • Clues as to birth, death and marriage dates
  • Occupations, and occupation changes over time
  • Addresses
  • Names of people who are probably spouses or children of known relatives

It feels so good to have the backlog cleared! Of course, back in 2007 Ancestry only included electoral rolls up to 1936. Now, they have them up to 1980 – and I have an ongoing subscription. I might just have to search out some more electoral rolls entries…


  1. At least you have youth on your side!
    Congratulations - now you will have to get your money's worth from Ancestry and check more Rolls.

  2. Ah, the electoral rolls ... here's a few observations.

    In WA for 1980 there are 2 versions, one with the postcode and one without. Also for parts of 1977 WA. The 1925 rolls have 2 print runs; one is identified by Second Print at the top of the page. The 1949 for Vic is the 1943 with pencil markups; 1949 for WA appears to be a new printing. NSW starts at 1930 dammit!! There is an 1856 for Victoria.

    A little known feature is that some years aren't indexed. Go to the Ancestry Page for the rolls and towards the bottom you'll find the years available and whether or not they're indexed. I often find myself browsing the unindexed years to find when someone may have moved.

    Like you I save them down to my PC and just yesterday I noticed there was 3+ gb of them.


  3. Thanks for the tip about those that aren't indexed.

  4. Well done Shelley. That's a great effort.