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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The early bird gets the conference ticket

A week ago today, registrations for the 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry opened. Congress is a three-yearly genealogy conference and this will be my second time attending. I’m unreasonably excited (so my non-genealogy friends, family and co-workers say) about an event that isn’t until March next year.

Last time around it was held in my home town Canberra, which was my prompt to finally attend. I got a lot out of it – both from the excellent sessions and from meeting other genealogists face-to face who I had previously only known online. There was no doubt I would sign up for the next one.

So last week when Early Bird registrations opened I bought my tickets. I’ve also booked a small terrace house near the venue in company with two other genealogists who have excitement levels about this event similar to my own!

It’s going to be fun.

Will I see you at Congress?!


  1. Isn't it so exciting booking for Congress? It reminds me of the childhood excitement as Christmas got closer many years ago. 😀

    1. Very exciting! I want March to just hurry up and get here!