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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sharing blog posts

I love reading “best of” posts. I always discover something new and interesting that I might otherwise have missed out on. I also see a lot of great posts myself that I wonder if other people have noticed! However, I don’t have time to create “best of” posts myself.

Browsing google reader, I noticed a new feature advertised. It’s now possible to add a widget to you blog that displays posts that you have “shared”. It sounds to me like a great and simple way of sending a little link-love to posts I found useful or enjoyed.

My “sharing” of posts in google reader has been erratic up until now. In future I will be clicking that button more often, I’m sure. Please scroll down and look to the right to check out my new widget, displaying blog posts I’ve most recently shared. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like there's another new widget I should add to my blogs, thanks for pointing it out.  It appears to be a really useful tool.

    I'm thrilled to see one of my posts in your Shared list, thanks.

  2. BTW I've also used your new Google +1 Button to like your post