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Thursday, May 24, 2012

C is for… Cooper

I have joined Gould’s ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ challenge a little late. I can’t promise to participate for every letter (my track record for sticking with challenges is not good!) but I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Here is my contribution for the letter C.

C is for…
Cooper: A craftsman who makes and repairs wooden vessels formed of staves and hoops, as casks, buckets, tubs.

"cooper, n.1". OED Online. March 2012. Oxford University Press. (accessed May 24, 2012).

My ancestor, Robert Couper (1825-1898) was a cooper. Although the surname Couper has occupational origins, he was not from a long line of coopers. His father was a shoemaker; his grandfather a farmer and fisherman.

Robert worked as a cooper both in his native Scotland and in Australia, having immigrated in 1852. As well as working as a cooper, he was also a (c is for) contractor. I suspect that he is the same Robert Couper who supplied timber for some government road contracts. Related to the occupation of cooper, he possessed a beer licence.


  1. I couldn't resist joining in either, Shelley. Let's just do what we can manage and not make it a chore.

  2. Shelley, welcome to the Challenge, and thanks so much for your contribution. I'm hoping to do an occupational post for one of my reli's in a future letter. And please don't feel you need to do every letter, just join in as you wish.

  3. Liked the beer licence bit. I have a couple of folks in my tree who were coopers by profession. I will have to take a look and see if they put their barrels to a similar use.

  4. Another great thing that I love about Genealogy is that I learn so much about other things. Thanks Shelley.