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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hooked on DNA

It hasn’t helped me break down any brick walls, it hasn’t given me amazing insights...yet… I’m still fascinated by DNA for genealogy.

I’ve tested myself. I’ve tested my Dad. Two of my French family cousins have tested themselves. DNA has led me to two previously unknown distant Bennett family cousins, providing nice support for our paper trails, but that’s pretty much it. So far.

Now FTDNA has a sale on, with the lowest price for autosomal testing that I’ve seen yet. Just $79 for the family finder test! The sale ends tonight.

I succumbed. I bought more tests.

Now for the hard part, trying to find someone to take them!

If you are related to me and you are interested in doing one of the tests would you please let me know? Yes, I mean you! Close or distant, reading now or at some point in the future. All that is involved is a painless cheek swab. I don’t promise that I’ll send you one of the tests but I’m much more likely to do so if I know you’re interested in doing the test.

If you’re thinking about it, or wondering why you would do such a thing, you might like to see some of my previous posts on the subject.

You can contact me any number of ways, including:

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