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Monday, March 21, 2011

World Poetry Day

I just noticed this post on Geniaus' blog:

"I just read on Twitter that it's World Poetry Day and that gave me an idea!

"Let's recognise the day by posting a poem about genealogy or one that has relevance to someone in your tree to our blogs today. If you let me know via a comment on this [Geniaus'] blog or an email to of the link to where you have posted your poem I will compile a World Poetry Day hit."

I have worked through my lunch break to bring you this contribution:

A genealogist
Found evidence others had missed
Though family denied it
DNA couldn't hide it
Great-grandad had many a tryst!

(please excuse any formatting errors and lack of linkyness. I am posting this from my phone on my lunch break at work - I haven't posted this way before so it's all a bit experimental!)

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