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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The plugin is plugged in

Well, that got a bit out of hand!

My little proof-of-concept experiment for a flexible CSV import plugin for Family Historian grew into a little project to actually make such a plugin… and then expanded into a project to make one good enough for the Family Historian plugin store… with assorted extra features thrown in along the way!

Getting the plugin to import the information took a little work. Trying to make a useful interface, and to cover the situations that could arise if people don’t use it exactly the same way I do took a lot longer! Aside from a bit of frustration at times playing whack-a-mole with bugs, I enjoyed the process. For each problem (just about), I found a solution. I’m not a programmer. I have no illusion that it is brilliant code – but it does the job.

Last weekend I submitted it to Family Historian. It has now been approved and is in the plugin store. I do hope it will make life easier for some genies out there!