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Twigs of Yore is a personal genealogy blog and family tree site written and edited by me (Shelley Crawford) unless otherwise noted in the relevant post.

I do not receive any form of payment or other compensation for maintaining this blog. Any opinions expressed are the opinions I held at the time of writing. This blog does not presently host sponsored advertising or affiliate links. If this changes, the status of the links will be clearly noted.

In October 2018 I registered a business related to DNA for genealogy. While the blog contains a sidebar link to the business website and the business may be mentioned from time to time (after October 2018), Twigs of Yore's sole purpose continues to be a personal blog and opinions expressed are my personal opinions.   

The blog contains Google Analytics tracking cookies to monitor visitor volume and demographics. 

If you comment on this blog I may receive contact information for you. I will never sell your personal information or use contact information obtained via this blog for marketing. 

This privacy and disclaimer page may be updated from time to time.

Last updated: 12 February 2019