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Friday, February 1, 2019

Genealogy Selfie Day: Me and My Tree

The first of February is genealogy selfie day, apparently. Selfies are not one of my skills, but here goes!

This is me in front of a big B0 size printout of my tree. I had it printed a few weeks ago, put haven’t put it on the wall yet. It’s held up here by two not-entirely-willing children. Given the mood of my assistants, I only had one shot at the picture. This was it.

This is an update of the chart I created back in February 2015 but only put on the wall in 2017. I had been adding new names to the ‘treetops’ by hand as I discovered them. It was nice to see the tree growing on the wall! But time for an update.

I created the new chart using Family Historian software and ordered plan printing online from Officeworks. Plan printing is much cheaper than poster printing for the same size of document. The document has to have a low enough ink-to-paper ratio to qualify – a simple family tree chart like this qualifies easily. Because it doesn’t cost much to print, I could afford to experiment.

I included quite a lot of text for each person, occupation symbols, portraits if I had them and a few interesting pictures.  Next time I would make the text bigger. It’s going to be hard to read when it’s up on the wall. The portraits of each person worked out well enough for this purpose, the other pictures not so much.