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Monday, October 12, 2015

Way back in the Wayback

Inspired by Jill Ball’s post on Geniaus “The Wonderful Wayback”, I decided to see if I could find my first family history website in the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine”. I couldn’t remember the URL, but I knew it was a free page on Rootsweb. With that information, I was able to quite quickly navigate to the page.

I appear to have created my first family history page in February 2000. It was captured 25 times by the Wayback Machine, from 2000 to 2005.


The front page had a brief welcome message, and a link to the real content of the site.


The real content was an ancestors narrative report generated in HTML format across several pages by my family history software. It didn’t include source information, but did include this statement:

“The information comes from a variety of sources which, if it was correct to begin with, I may have misread, misinterpreted or mistyped. I would be grateful for any corrections or new information.”

I’ve made quite a few corrections and added a lot of new information since then!

I created the site a few years before I was married, accordingly it was in my maiden name.


The page notes that it was generated by EasyTree from SierraOnline. This had me a little puzzled as I didn’t remember “EasyTree”. It seems “Generations” was actually called “Generations EasyTree”.

A few of the pictures were captured by the Wayback Machine, but most had only empty boxes in their place.


It wasn’t very lively, was it?!

I did have a few cousin contacts from the site, so it served its purpose.

I don’t seem to have ever updated it after my first upload in 2000. I recall that I did try but the links didn’t work the same way when I generated the pages again and it all seemed too difficult. I deleted the page in 2005 and didn’t create another space for myself online until I started this blog in mid-2009.

Thanks Jill for the prompt to walk down memory lane!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New on Ancestry–Victoria, Australia, Rate Books

Now THIS will keep me busy! The Rate Books collection is from the Public Record Office of Victoria, but with the advantages of Ancestry’s search features (which I think are actually pretty good).

Victoria, Australia, Rate Books, 1855-1963

Something I would like to see is an easy way to see all the record sets on Ancestry that are sourced from a particular archive. eg a quick way to see what else they have from the Public Record Office of Australia. I know of a few PROV collections on there – I wonder what else I’m missing? Do you know of a way?