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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why choose Elizabeth?

I said in my last post that I was going to concentrate my research on Elizabeth TREGONNING. Out of the 97 ancestors currently entered in my database, why choose her?

  • She was born in Australia, and I want to concentrate on Australian research before doing too much overseas.
  • Finding her death certificate was a challenge. Thinking about her through the years that I looked for it made me curious to know more about her.
  • I know enough about her to think her life may be interesting.
  • I know enough about the parent-child connections from her to me to be sure she is my ancestor.
  • I have not yet found any other researchers with a direct interest in her. If I don't research her, who else will?
  • I know she has other descendants (aside from my first cousins), but I've never contacted them. Who knows what letters, photos or other treasure they may have?!
  • She lived to 94 years of age, dying in 1952. There is a chance that some of her other descendents may have met her and could tell me some of the personal things that you can't find in documents.
I'm excited about this. I feel like I'm doing proper research again, and I haven't even begun!

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