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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FamilyTreeDNA results – Matches

In the past year I have taken advantage of promotional prices and had my DNA tested with both 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA. My first post discussing my FamilyTreeDNA results is here.

When I first got my FamilyTreeDNA results back, I had about 30 matches. Now, a little under two months later I have 45 matches. This compares to 23andMe where the first time I looked I had 327 matches – a figure which has now risen to 455. However, of those 455 only 29 are ‘public’ matches. If I want to find out anything more about the others on 23andMe I can send out just 5 invitations to communicate per day and wait for a reply.

For each of my FTDNA matches I can see a name, estimated relationship and range, and some summary figures about how much DNA we have in common. I can also access a simple family tree, if my match has posted one, and a list of surnames.

I recognise several of the names on my match list as my public matches on 23andMe. This reassures me about the quality of the analysis for both companies, and that there hasn’t been a mix-up!

So far I have sent only two contact emails to my matches and have not had a reply to either of them. That’s a bit depressing since this is supposed to be the service where people are actually interested in replying to genealogy contacts! Still, it’s only two out of 45. I have plenty more to try.

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