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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mapping family locations with Google Maps

While planning my research trip to Melbourne, I noticed that Google Maps will allow you to import a list of addresses to plot. It’s amazing what you find when you take the trouble to click around the options.

A use for this feature immediately sprang to mind! While my time in Melbourne will be very limited and I’m not planning on making any cemetery visits, I would hate to realise later that I was only a few blocks away from one of my ancestors. I’d much rather drop in and say hello!

Creating a map was a quick and simple process.

Here’s the outcome. I haven’t tried to do anything too fancy. All I wanted was a marker at each cemetery in Victoria where any of my ancestors are buried.

Next post, I’ll tell you step by step how I did this with Family Historian and Google Maps.


  1. Great applucation og Google Maps. Look forward to youf next post about FH.

  2. Ooh yes please. I've had a go at creating one but my list importing doesn't seem to be going too well...sigh.

  3. This is news for me. Sounds very useful. I'll use it when I'm planning our next trip to the UK.